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Yo Bolero

In Vest ing in the moment

This piece began as a rather frumpish blouse.

Yo Bolero 2
I'm frumpy! 🙁

If you squint a little (or just enlarge the photo), you can see some of the coffee stains that I originally didn’t notice when I first snagged it for a buck.  Stains are usually a deal breaker for me.  If you can’t get them out, there’s not much you can do.  :/  However, I had a plan!

I cut the top off a good bit, and opened up the front to make a jacket.  I took in the blouse from the back:  Once to make it smaller, and then a smaller bit on the bottom to keep it from being gapey.

I wore my cute new bolero at work, with a sun dress tucked into my pants to look like a blouse…

Yo Bolero 3

And I wore my cute new bolero much better by night, after I untucked that dress and threw on my favorite cowboy boots!

Yo Bolero 4
Oh hai.
Yo Bolero 5
Tortured Karaoke Krooner

I’m really happy with how this new piece contributes to my wardrobe by making any dull neutral much less blah with its awesome print.

Yo Bolero 6
...but what do yoooooooou think?
In Vest ing in the moment

6 thoughts on “Yo Bolero”

  1. Very Cute! I have a ugly blouse,which has a huge floral print, that I’m redoing, and luckily I haven’t cut too much into it. I think I’m going to re-route the design to a bolero now, because too much of a ugly print is not a good thing.

  2. THANK YOU! You’ve given me a great idea of what to with a couple of simliar frumpy stained and funny fitting tops. I love yours. Adorable.


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