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You’re the top, top!

Holidays on Ice: An Off-the-Shoulder Dress Refashion
Hell on Wheels

Tonight, I just wasn’t in the mood for a dress.  The chill (and my chill attitude) dictated jeans would be mandatory for the evening.  I had no tops in my “before” pile, so I was going to have to transform this hideous thing:

You're the top, top! 2
Pepto Dismal

First off, I snipped off those shoulder pads!


You're the top, top! 3
later, losers!

Then, I hacked off that skirt!


You're the top, top! 4
"skirt"ing the issue (hehe)

As you can see from the “before” pic, this thing was huuuuuuuge on me!  I was going to need to do some major taking in.  I decided to do it from the back.  I turned it inside out, gathered 4inches from each side (a total of 8 INCHES…yikes!), and pinned it down the middle.

You're the top, top! 5
I actually have the pins turning the wrong way...woops!

Next, I put it through my machine  I just went ahead and left it threaded with the black thread from my last project, as A.  I was in a hurry and B.  No one would be seeing it anyways (as it’s on the inside).

You're the top, top! 6

Once my new top was all sewn up the back, I trimmed off that excess fabric, threw it on, and rolled up those sleeves.

You're the top, top! 7
Pretty in Pink!

I was all set to enjoy a night of improv comedy with The Art Bar Players with some fun and fabulous people!  🙂

You're the top, top! 8
After the show...a moment of comraderie...
You're the top, top! 9
Lex's sweater has a fire-breathing dragon on it! 🙂
You're the top, top! 10


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Holidays on Ice: An Off-the-Shoulder Dress Refashion
Hell on Wheels